The Sandcastle - Gift Shop

Beautiful sand-blasted glassware and other items

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The Sandcastle is an exclusive little gift shop situated on Clifton Farm, about 14km from the ever so enchanting Hogsback.

Known for its fine art of sandblasting, pottery and home made jams it is a must for every visitor to come and explore during their stay.

It is worth the trip to come and experience a rondawel full of talent! Sandblasting as you have never seen before.

Plain glass transformed to spectacular pieces of art that vary from drinking glasses, chopping boards, teapot stands, vases truly something for every occasion.

How to get there:

Take the Hogsback main road leading to Cathcart until a T-junction is reached.

Turn right on this road for about 10km until you reach a fork in the road.

Again take a right in the direction of Happy Valley.

On this road, 3km later you will have reached your destination.

The Sandcastle Gift Shop

Susarah Pieterse
Clifton Farm

Tel: 045 843 2441