Hogsback 4X4

Challenge yourself and your vehicle

Hogsback 4X4 Enlarge button Hogsback is all about the outdoors and a great way to experience Hogsback is to challenge yourself and your vehicle along the Hogsback 4x4 Trail. This is a public self-drive offroad trail which heads up and east behind the Hogsback Mountains toward Keiskammahoek.

The trail is an "off-road" trail but can be attempted with a 2WD vehicle with high ground clearance. It is still advisable to go in a group with a least one 4x4 in convoy in the event you need assistance.

This old ox wagon track connected Keiskammahoek and the interior via Hogsback. The track leads one down through a valley, across a river and along a section of beautiful unspoiled indigenous forest.

Hogsback 4x4 Trail Information:

  • Total Distance: 55km
  • Actual Offroad: 14km
  • Driving Time: 3hrs
  • Rating Down: 2
  • Rating Up: 3
  • Rating Wet: 3-4

Trail conditions change frequently so check the website for updates.

The Zingcuka River marks the beginning of the indigenous forest and is an ideal spot for a picnic and splash in the pools. Please collect your rubbish and take it with you.

The actual 4x4 trail is about 14km to where you find the first villages. From there back to the start point through Keiskammahoek is roughly another 40km on fairly decent gravel roads.

Additional trails are available but require permits.

Nearby Mountain passes include Seymore Pass and the Katberg Mountain Pass, both within 50km of Hogsback.

For more information please feel free to get in touch.

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