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Established in 1945 as an Outdoor Education Centre, Hobbiton-On-Hogsback offers youngsters from all walks of life a memorable outdoor educational experience.

Hobbiton was started in 1945 as an Outdoor Education Centre for disadvantaged children, especially orphans created by the 2nd World War. Since then its focus has remained faithful to disadvantaged children; however, due to financial constraints it now also offers outdoor education as well as team and personal development programmes to children and adults from paying sectors of the community.

Camps for disadvantaged children

Hobbiton is a registered Non-Profit Organization (107-254-NPO) as well as registered Public Benefit Organization (930044696) operating out of Hogsback in the Amatola Mountains looking after disadvantaged children, especially from the Eastern Cape around East London, Grahamstown, Port Elizabeth, Alice, Queenstown and King William's Town.

Hobbiton provides the selected children with an insight into a different lifestyle, removed from the squalor of the townships, the violence and degradation of their normal background. At Hobbiton the participants are exposed to the beauty of the Hogsback mountains, forests and waterfalls whilst participating in various adventure activities.

During the camps the children are taught life skills such as social interaction in the form of Team Building, as well as personal development skills that might enable them to become leaders. As a core philosophy, all activities offered at Hobbiton must be voluntary and fun!

Long term Volunteering Options

Hobbiton is interested in the furthering of our youth and would like to offer the opportunity to persons within the ages of 18 -30 to become Volunteer Instructors for a period of 5 to 12 months. This entails working with children and being trained on all of Hobbiton's facilities. During our quieter seasons they will also help with maintenance of equipment, painting of signs, etc.


Hobbiton offers high and low impact courses, the first session of which can be conducted at your place of work. We will gladly fax a list of possible activities to you. Corporate bookings can choose the luxury option, involving accommodation and food at one of the local hotels or establishments and activities at Hobbiton, or the cheaper and more basic accommodation and food option offered at Hobbiton itself.

The activities offered include Paint Ball based activities, hiking to Madonna & Child Waterfall, Jacob's Ladder (10 m), Trapeze (7 m) and our internationally acclaimed Group Dynamics and High Ropes Courses. Although we specialize in Team Building and Leadership courses, we also help facilitate Goal Setting and Strategic Planning.

Schools and Churches

Hobbiton offers schools and church bookings with courses in Leadership Development, Environmental Education, Team Building and FUN as well as providing them with an opportunity to experience the very best of Hogsback.

For more information

Please do contact us if you want more information about helping at Hobbiton, or if you just want to find out more about booking and what Hobbiton has to offer.

Hobbiton on Hogsback

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