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Why Qabimbola?

Since January 2016 there has been a process underway to consider a change of name from Hogsback to Qabimbola. This is part of an initiative to change several place names in the Eastern Cape Province of South Afica.

The area known as Hogsback today was known as Qabimbola long before white people named it Hogsback - in an era when Xhosa people had no say in the official naming process. Even today it is widely known and referred to as Qabimbola by our Xhosa-speaking compatriots.

Qabimbola (“red clay on the face”) refers to a very old Xhosa tradition where women rubbed red clay onto their faces as part of traditional ceremonies. According to one of our first-hand sources the place name Qabimbola derives from the “red clay on the face of the mountains” in the late-afternoon light; something we have all seen and enjoyed. This is a strong and interesting cultural connotation.

Until the renaming process is concluded, the website Magical Hogsback Online remains in its present form. The name change will be reflected if and when it is officially adopted.

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