The Story of Hogsback

by Trevor Webster

Book Cover

The Story of Hogsback was launched on Friday 17 June 2009 at the Hogsback Inn, Hogsback. In his book Trevor Webster has written a short, popular history of Hogsback, with over 70 photographs, many taken by Ken Harvey.

There is something for everybody in this account of Hogsback; the past speaks to the present through pictures, paintings, poems, anecdotes and facts. It captures the magical atmosphere, the extraordinary history, the beautiful Nature and the interesting people of the village of Hogsback.

The author, reading by candlelight

Trevor's narrative puts Nature paramount and mentions the San people and the conflict between the Xhosa and colonists in the nineteenth century. Of course, the story also covers the pioneering origins of the Hogsback Village.

Copies are available at most shops in Hogsback or from Trevor Webster at a cost of R60 (more at shops). He can be contacted at 072 990 0646. Alternatively, send Trevor an email.

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