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Hogsback Garden ClubThe Hogsback Garden Club was founded in 1981 to further the interests of all forms of gardening at Hogsback and to facilitate arrangements for visits to Hogsback gardens by other garden clubs or interested individuals.

Hogsback Garden ClubThe Club today also promotes the interest in indigenous flora in the Hogsback area. There are wonderful grasslands, wetlands and sections of indigenous forest waiting to be explored!

The Chairperson is Monika Hof, while the current Secretary is Sarah Currie. Please contact Monika or Sarah if you require information about the Club or would like to join.

Chairperson: Monika Hof Cell: +27 82 836 7414 or Send an email

Secretary: Sarah Currie Cell +27 76 334 4856 or Send an email

Hogsback Garden Club extends a warm invitation to you and your group to visit our beautiful Spring Gardens in September and October every year.