Birding in Hogsback

Different Ecosystems - Wide variety of Bird Species

The bird life in Hogsback and surrounding areas can be very interesting and varied. The seasons are well represented with the different migrants coming in and the birds leaving the forests for the gardens and vice versa.

The different eco systems result in forest, grassland, montane birds and raptors. Waders and ducks are not really prevalent, which could be due to the cold or the altitude.

Hogsback has a fair share of 'specials' viz. Cape Parrot, Orange Ground Thrush, Bush Blackcap, Narina Trogon, Knysna Woodpecker and White Starred Robin. Hogsback even boasts appearances by the rare Grey Wagtail.

Some Hogsback gardens can boast over a 100 different species of birds.

The forests in and around Hogsback are home to many wonderful birds including the 'specials' mentioned above as well as Olive Woodpecker, Chorister Robin-Chat, Blue-mantled Crested Flycatcher, Yellow-throated Woodland-warbler, Olive Bush-shrike, Cape Batis, African Emerald Cuckoo, Klaas' Cuckoo, African Olive Pigeon, Red Chested Cuckoo, Brown Scrub Robin, Dark Backed Weaver, to name a few.

The grasslands in Hogsback and on the mountains are home to Drakensberg Prinia, Barrats Warbler, Dark Capped Yellow Warbler, Common Quail, Lazy Cisticola, Yellow Bishop, Red-necked Spurfowl, Thick-billed Weaver, Blue Crane, Grey Crowned Crane, Secretary Bird and Ground Woodpecker amongst others.

Raptors in the area include Jackal Buzzard, Steppe Buzzard, Forest Buzzard, Long Crested Eagle, African Crowned Eagle, Martial Eagle, Rufous Chested, Black and Little Sparrowhawks , Rock Kestrels, Amur Kestrels as well as Yellow Billed Kites,and more.

The surrounding area on the way to Cathcart and Happy Valley hosts some of the larger terrestrial birds such as Grey Crowned Crane (en mass), White Stork, Spur Winged Goose, and Secretary Bird.

Hogsback is truly a birders' paradise, for novice and experienced birders alike.

Birding in Hogsback

Guided birding walks with Graham Russell can be arranged.
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